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Strong Fit Introduction

Strong Fit and the Strength Quest Grading System. What's it all about?

The Strong Fit Training system Strength Quest is being developed to grow the sport of strongman world wide the concept being that there are four tests of Strength drawn from the basic movements in Strength Athletics with those selected considered Standardized Movements in Strongman.

What the Strength Quest grading system establishes is a starting point for athletes and gym trainers to get involved in strongman style training . The participant can then use it to better themselves in there chosen sport or climb the grading scale to challenge themselves to enter Strongman events at various levels .

The benefits of strongman style training are focused on functional strength as opposed to the standard barbell and machine styles of training you will find in most gyms that does not mean that the gym is no place to gain strength as it is part of the equation to develop yourself using the Strength Quest system and utilizing the equipment on hand to create the perfect training program specific to your strength needs.

"Strongman training with the Strength Quest system the core of your body is exposed to training movements that no gym equipment can replicate"

Everyone has a Place in Strength Training.

There is a place in Strength Training for everyone not just a select few. This is the core reason behind Ddeveloping the Strength Quest System of Training so that the absolute novice can enter a grading event right through to the Established Elite Athlete who could switch his training program to a Strength Quest Grading training format. Even just to experiment or with perseverance improve performance whether it is Rugby or Throwing or Strongman conditioning everyone can fit..Strong Fit.

Strength Quest Grading Events.

The Four Events.

Super Yoke 15 meters – Weight carried for distance /time.

Log Lift – Maximum Weight

Deadlift Maximum – Non-Equipped

Farmers Walk 25 meters

Please see the Strength Quest grading section

Event One – Super Yoke.

Event History.

This Strongman event was established back in the World Muscle Power Championships in Canada in the late 1980's, in that era the poundages for Strongman Athletes was hovering around the 320 kg. Mark but now after many years of evolution in strength conditioning the maximum poundages used by the top professional Strongmen of today far exceeds 425KG

Event Strengths.

This event is the core builder it builds conditioning in the lower / Mid back and abdominal section it also has a great strength gaining effect on the hip flexors and stabilizers in the adductor and abductors... once a Athlete masters this movement he can cover the standard 25 strongman course in sub 12 seconds.. Once you have achieved this mark in the Strength Quest your ready for a Grading Promotion in the yoke.

The format for the Strength Quest Grading is a 15 meters course with a time limit of 60 seconds to complete the distance... The weight is determined based on your grading attempt.

"Athletes can be strong in some movements and weak in others ... if your yoke is on fire lift the other Strength Quest events up so your grading promotion can be consistent"

Event Two.

Log Lift.

Event History.

This strongman Event was one of the first events to be performed in the tradition Strongman contest's in Scotland as far back as the 1970's when Giant timber logs were used in World Strongest Man with such greats as Bill Kazmire hoisting 300 pound plus logs over head, now in the modern Strongman Ear the great Big Z has lifted over 200 k.g. to cement himself in the history of this sport as one of the great overhead lifters.

Event Strengths.

The Log lift is the true test of overhead strength it combines the pick up portion of the movement which is similar in style to a power clean to the shoulders then a pressing motion over head to the fully locked out position, there are also techniques that require three parts to the movement which will be explained further in the technical section of this site.

The Strength Quest Grading system for Log Lift is based on maximum lift with your starting poundage's determined via your Grade attempt.

"Log Lift and you will have Shoulders like boulders"

Event Three.


The big daddy of all the big strength movements the true test of strength for Athletes at novice through to Elite, This event is part of the Strength Quest as it should be the base of all strength trainers training programs …it build back power like no other movement...a smart Athlete will do his research to find movements and systems of training to lift performance in this movement.

Each Grading has a starting weight and is for maximum based on the Grade attempt.

"I am alive when im Deadlifting "

Event Four.

Farmers Walk.

Event Strengths.

If you want to have grip like a vise the farmers walk is the surefire way to develop great grip strength, the farmers walk also conditions some of the muscle groups that yoke training targets... it can be done in many formats i.e. Maximum distance or Distance for Time,

The format for the Strength Quest Grading is a 25 meters course in one direction only with a time limit of 60 seconds to complete the distance... The weight is determined based on your grading attempt.

Full rules available in the Strength Quest Rules section.

The above grading system can be used in several formats.

1. An event that takes place at a set location on a set date identical to other locations for the purpose of determining the best performance from the single or multiple locations.

E.g. This January the 21st Strong fit will be conducting an Elite One Grading event in three locations – Melbourne – Perth – Brisbane; this event will take place at identical times respective of events. A nominated FASC representative will oversea the event to referee and conduct the full inspection of equipment.

(Also included for Jan 21st U105 and H.W. A Grading Event.

Prior to this event all equipment in both Brisbane and Perth must be documented for dimension specifications – weighed and tagged via this representative with all relevant information forwarded to the FASC for scrutinizing. All details must be forwarded by no later than 21st December 2011.

2. A Gym or training Location / Sporting Club Australia Wide can apply via the FASC to stage a grading event at there location , for this event a full set of Strength Quest Equipment would be on hand along with a Represative from the FASC to conduct a training seminar and Grading event over the course of a weekend.

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