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Frequently Asked Questions About SQ.

1. What is SQ.

SQ is a Strength Grading System that use’s the four basic movements From Strongman / Strength Athletics to qualify your strength Level.

2. What are the Basic Movements in SQ.

Strong Fit Yoke Walk.
Strong Fit Log Lift
Strong Fit Deadlift.
Strong Fit Farmers Walk.

3. How Do I get involved in a SQ Qualifier?

You can down load an entry form and details and send it through to the SQ
Head office and we will put you in touch with a representative in your Local Area for the next scheduled Event.

4. How Can I get the Equipment needed to train for SQ?

Strong Fit equipment is available from our Engineering Department and official Supplier which can be Shipped World Wide.

5. How will I learn the movements and Techniques for the SQ?

The Federation of Australian Strength Competitors www.fasc.com.au is arranging coaching clinics Australia wide in 2012, The FASC is the sole Governing Body for Strongman in Australia, and Our Coaches have extensive experience in Strongman and Strength Sports with all having a minimum 10 up to 25 years experience.

The Coaching Staff are also available on-line to answer all your SQ Coach questions and will soon be introducing video link and live stream weekly coaching clinics.

6. If I do a SQ can I enter a Strongman Show Just like I have seen on T.V. with the World Strongest Man Show.

Yes Aussiepower Events are Partners with the Strong Fit BRand and produce the premium Strongman events in Australia which include Australia’s Strongest Man and the Giants Live World Strongest Man qualifier at the Melbourne Fit X, we have events planned for this year and next where the Novice Athlete can enter an event via the SQ System right through to the Elite Level Strength Athlete.   

Along with the heavy weights that will future at this years Melbourne Fit X we will feature the first Ever StrongFit Live 105 @Fit, this is the opportunity for Athletes in the Under 105 K.G. Division show there strengths in a tough and faced paced 2.5 hour show.

The future plans for the StrongFit Live 105 will be sent into the strongestphere where the Strongest U105 Athletes on the planet will battle it out in a future planned World Championship event.

7- Are there weight categories in SQ?

At this stage we have grading formulas for the Open weight class which is over 105 K.G. and a classification for under 105 K.G. , as we progress and fine tune the Formula we will add under 90 k.g and under 80 k.g. class.

8 – Can a Rugby or Football team do a SQ?

Yes SQ encourages all sports that apply strength training to improve performance to try the SQ System as the Grading formulas are from the lower Grade at E Level through to Elite 2 everyone can fit Strong Fit.

9- Do you have a Grading Formula for Women Athletes?

Yes SQ coaches and strength Advisers are working just now to establish a grading system just like the Men’s Scale, once that system is established we will use it to pre -qualify Women’s Strength Levels in the over 75 k.g. Class and Under 75.k.g. class then we will have a measuring gauge for entrance into Strong Women events scheduled for this year and next. Other Women Athletes from different sports are encouraged to participate to improve Athletic Performance from throwers to sprinters.

10. Who is the Man behind this new Strength Training System?

Bill Lyndon has been a strength athlete since early 1980 competing through the 1980’s as a power lifter gaining National Titles as 125 K. G. - 125 K. G.+ and 140 K. G. Bill also played several sports including Rugby League and American Football with Distinction.

Bill’s greatest Achievements as an Athlete were representing Australia at World Strongest Man in 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998. Also with some high-level international Strongman Events competing against some of the strongest men to ever walk on the planet such as Magnus Ver Magnusson, Riku Kiri, Gary Taylor and Gerrit Badenhorst, just to name a few.

Bill also has a very strong connection to Highland Games competing in Australia for the past 17 years as a Heavy Games Athlete. Bill's signature event of all his favorites is the Caber Toss, beating some of the world's best over this period.

Bill’s focus now is producing strongman events in Asia and Australia and has implemented the New SQ system as a way for Athletes to get involved in Strongman and Strength Athletics using the simplest methods as possible from the basic core strength movements from the Strongman Sport.

Your Journey to World Strongest Man starts with a Strength Quest Grading Event...Who knows with years of dedication and application you could be standing on the W.S.M. podium.  

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